Tuesday, July 31, 2012

mini games

Hello fellow people i am posting the next mini game or riddle.

                                              What has 14 legs 6 heads and 1 tail it has to be real!!!!!!!

                                                                        good luck :D i'll post

                                                                                down for answer.

                                               5 people and 1 dog.

Moving to Mexico

I'm very excited to leave on a trip to Mexico. I can't wait because I am living there for a year in my grandma's house and it will be so exciting and fun! I'm looking forward to going to school in Mexico and being homeschooled in Mexico, and seeing how my mom will react to living in Mexico for a year in her mother in law's house. My mom talks a lot about that.

Paloma and I are bringing all our build-a-bear stuff. It's gonna be fun to play with in the car. The trip is 10 days long driving! It's gonna be really boring.

In Mexico I'm going to try to be a green thumb! That means being really good at taking care of plants. And I'm looking forward to seeing all my pets in Mexico like the turtles, my half-pets the kittens, and my also half pet Vilmochis (bill-mo-cheese) who is a little white dog. And we are bringing our big white dog, Ivory.

I'll be keeping a journal on the road, and I'll keep blogging.

                                    -live, life, love, Hope.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

mini games

Post a comment if you find the d