Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Candles

A couple of days ago I made candles with my big sister and my little sister, Rowan and Paloma. How to make candles, you have to have wax. You can use shredded crayons as coloring. You can see that I used purple and green.

You have to have a certain kind of string called a wick. Now the wax would have to be in a jar and you put the wick in the jar for a second and pull it out and wait for a while and then do it over and over again. Until it gets really fat.

You can make a different kind of candle by putting a wick in a cup and keep it there with a stick. And then you would pour wax in it. I made mine stripes but you can't really see the stripes. How you make stripes is you pour some wax in and then wait until it dries. Then pour a different color in and wait for a while until it's dried. And it would go on and on until you fill up the whole entire cup.

Later on that night we lit them on our altar and it looked really pretty.

live, life, love, Hope


  1. Thanks for these instructions Hope. It is very good of you to want to share all the things you learn. I'm sure your altar looks very pretty indeed.

    1. thank you, its tuesday may 8 but there still on the altar!!!!Tell your friends to vist my blog