Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At my Opa's house.

I'm at my Opa's house in Tucson, Arizona, and it's really hot here. It's 104 degrees. I can't go into the pool again until four o'clock. Then I will stay in for about an hour! Soon I am going to watch the Olympics with my Opa. BTW, Opa means Grandpa.

It's really fun spending time with my Grandpa and my family. We brought our dog, Ivory and now there's three dogs in this house. Pooka, one of my Opa's dogs, Noodles, another one of my Opa's dogs, and Ivory. Our dog.

Joann is my Grandma, my Oma. Joann is African-American and she plays lots of different instruments like the bagpipes, the organ, the piano, the flute. Opa says she also plays the "gaida", the violin, and the bass fiddle. And the clarinet. And she dances and plays in theatres. She's a guard for the state prison, too. And she's really really funny.

I'll keep posting my blog!

Live, life, love, Hope.


  1. Hey Hope,

    I am so glad you guys are having fun with your Opa. Stay safe in that heat and enjoy the pool!

    Lots of love to you all.

    1. it is fun and i will miss you in mexico